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Great episode, all your ideas are so interesting! I was just confused when John said the ‘foundational crime’ of Troubled Blood was an atopic pregnancy which resulted in the death of a woman who Margot didn’t care for properly - I’m not sure I agree with this..? From my memory Theo survived her atopic pregnancy, as Anna explains at the end of the book, and Gloria terminated her baby without complications…?

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Theo's fate is unknown but, if she did indeed have an ectopic pregnancy and if she did not receive medical care promptly at a proper surgery, odds are very good that she died.

Read my first thoughts about Theodosia Loveridge's condition and how Margot Bamborough was killed because of her negligence that day in caring for this patient: https://www.hogwartsprofessor.com/reading-troubled-blood-as-an-allegory-part-1/

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Great episode. Thanks for all the info on the Isle of Sark. Fascinating place! Loved the chat about the tweets and I appreciate the two different and respectful views.

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