I won’t comment on all the structural details other than to say Rowling is masterful. The attention to these kinds of details and subtlety that many never pick up but contribute to her works is beyond my understanding and I am in awe.

It is fun to read your predictions on the whodunit while I know the answers. To see which clues you have picked up on that are right and which are wrong is a great read.

Your assertions at the end of this post were exactly what I was thinking as I read this book. There is such smugness in the politically correct, cancel culture, censorship madness we find ourselves in. Those that think certain political parties or faiths are in the wrong and brainwashed don’t realize how much they are part of the groupthink they accuse others of. Their false superiority and belief in their own higher morality in all matters boggles my mind sometimes. Rowling’s Twitter wars regarding these topics and how others view her really are represented in how she narrates this book and these subject flowing throughout.


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Oh, and you were pretty much right on the money with the Daiyu events, just evaded by the elusive killer!

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Excellent analysis. And fascinating insight to read the thoughts of one so well-versed in real-time as it were.

As others say, the exploration and implications of cult-like thinking in general society are very thought-provoking.

The part about the parallels between Robin and Charlotte in box, bath and beyond on point.

It's also interesting that from the analysis of the previous parts you were thinking that Robin wouldn't be getting out till part 8 or 9. Perhaps that is the alternate timeline that would have involved even more harrowing and degrading trials, but was averted due to the spiritual intervention that enabled Strike and Robin to co-ordinate her escape.

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